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What is a Power On Self Test (P.O.S.T.)? This site is dedicated to answering that and other BIOS (Basic Input Output System) related questions. Every computer has a BIOS. Every BIOS outputs the POST. Understanding what happens to your computer during this stage is key to obtaining better peformance and for troubleshooting all problems with your PC.

Power On Self Test Beep Codes
BIOS beep Codes

I will tell you that MOST problems with POST occur due to memory. You can see this also when you read the beep codes for your BIOS later on.

No beeps means one of two things:

1) No motherboard or chassis speaker is connected. 2) No CPU activity

So, if you have no beep codes whereas you did in the past, you need to think about what changed? Did you flash your BIOS? Add any new hardware? Flashing your BIOS can render your motherboard useless. I highly recommend never flashing it unless its absolutely essential. You will notice most motherboard manufacturers also say this on their BIOS download or support pages.

If you flashed your BIOS and now your system is dead please order a new programmed bios chip from this link: bios.

If a recent hardware change occured thats probably the culprit. Reverse the changes and see what happens. A BIOS update may be required to add newer CPU's, videocards and hard drives etc. I know I just said program your BIOS unless absolutely necessary. I suggest purchasing one already programmed. To me time is more important thatnanything. Why not have a BIOS programmed and shipped to you instead of attempting to flash it. This way you also have a backup if needed. click the links below to read more about BIOS beep codes.




Boot your motherboard without memory and it will not be happy. The Power On Self Test will beep at you rather angrily! It is diificult to decide the beep code frequency. Some codes are fast or slow, some are a series of beeps. Example are 4-4-1-2 You have to listen carefully to know that its broke down that way. I mean it may sound like 11 rnormal beeps at first.

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